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:bulletblue:Name: Desiree Shana Michelle Martinez Vasquez

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It was another late night at the precinct, so many things were going down, it was hard to keep track of them all. All 23 districts were a buzz, it was always something. People were getting hurt more during botfights, places were getting robbed, people went missing, and on top of it, someone released a drug known as Dream Sand to the public, though it was more like Nightmare sand to those who used it too much. This city was going to hell...

And all her team could do is run leads until they could finally close a few cases.

The blond sighed and took a drink of her coffee, trying to wake herself up. She opened her bright blue eyes, and looked down at her desk full of papers, that's when she noticed who was on the front paper, and headlining, "Big Hero 6..." she sighed. Everyone knew about them, everyone knew about what they were capable of, and that once again they made the front paper. It had been over three months since they appeared out of the blue, like lightning on a sunny day, they caught everyone's attention.

"The 6 heroes of San Fransokyo put a stop to the string of robberies lead by the The Fujitas.

After police were unable to capture the trio of criminals, the vigilante know as Big hero 6 stepped in and caught all three culprits after they fled from the scene of the crime, and are now behind bars, and unwilling to give statements to the media.

And while Big Hero 6 are also unwilling to talk to the press, it is comforting to know, that these amazing six are here to help."

She had been the lead of that case, The Fujitas had been three of the cities most wanted, all three skilled in the art of hand to hand and weapon combat. They had been a thorn in the police force for awhile, doing everything from kidnapping, to silencing witnesses for the right price.

"And they got to them when we couldn't touch them..." the blond growls throwing the paper to the side. Those six were doing the police's job, but there wasn't much she could do about it, to be honest she was happy the bad guys were being put away, but life wasn't a Marvel comic or a Dreamworks movie, things in this city were going down hill fast, and she was honestly worried these kids were going to get hurt.

But what could she do to stop them?

For now, all she could do is sit by and wait for them to show up.

So the blonde sat at her desk, going through the case files, hoping to get new leads to help finally close them, and give the people that were affected, some closure. It was her job to do so, and she was damn good at it.

As the night went on, the precinct got a few calls every now and again, officers went out, and the ones on night patrol would bring in suspects they caught, some drunk, some high, some just plain violent. Another loud night, in the big city.

The next morning came sooner than expected, and so went another night without sleep. It was like that sometimes, when there was work to be done, and cases that were open, it was hard to sleep.

I have been try for awhile to type up a new ch and this is all I got so far. Currently Im trying to make sure other characters from the movies interact with the story, but its proving harder than I thought. As always Im open to ideas since this is an old intrest and I forgot some of the plot, so feel free to note me


Sophia Evergreen by LilMonsterGurl
Sophia Evergreen

Sophia Evergreen

Human/Titan shifter



154 cm

54 kg

Anya Evergreen (Deceased Mother) Bard Evergreen (Deceased Father) Rose Evergreen (older sister)

August 22

Inner wall town of wall Maria

Wall Rose



Survey Corps

Former affiliation
102th Training Corps
Military Police

Grad rank



Human form

Sophie is a relatively short young woman despite her age, do to her being born premature, with a slender build. Sophie has long black hair with her bangs parted to the right, she is almost always seen with a hair pin clipped in her long hair either to keep it rolled up in a bun, or for her long locks to be clipped back. When unclipped her hair falls past her shoulders to the small of her back, though her bangs are always hanging in her face. With a round face and small size, Sophie is often mistaken for a young teenager, much to her annoyance. She is noticeably paler than her older sister, with dark freckles sprinkled under her big droopy eyes. Her most noticeable trait is her mismatched eyes, her left eye, which is often hidden behind her bangs, is a pale icy blue, while her right eye is a dark mud brown, with long eyelashes to frame them. As odd as her eyes may seem, they often seem to put people into a trance when they stare into them, perhaps because of they're unnatural, yet enchanting appearance.

Her casual attire usually consists of a light pea green tunic with a v collar, tied with a dark green sash and black pants, and black knee high boots. On some occasions, Sophie will wear a light blue dress that reaches just above her ankles. On the job she wears the standard uniform with her tunic under the short brown jacket.

As a child, Sophie wore an oversized tunic as a dress, one similar to the one she now wears, possibly the same one. Back than her hair was much shorter, with a hair pin to clip it back.

Titan Form

Sophie's titan appearance changes drastically, but her overall physical shape, and facial features remain the same in both forms. Her titan form has notably greyer skin which mimics a rotting titans, with multiple gaps in her flesh exposing muscle tissue. She is a rather small titan, but is more lean then most titans. Unlike her human appearance, her Corpse Titan form has long white hair that falls past her shoulders, but her eyes remain the same colors. Since biting is one of her strong suits, she can extend her jaw to the point the cheek skin will tear open, along with strong legs for speed.


Sophie is a quiet, sweet and very modest girl, she often prefers to be called Sophie over Sophia (wisdom) because it sound less fancy. She is very shy and has a hard time making eye contact, and is often referred to as a timid fawn. She often has a depressed or sad look on her face, but she seems like a whole other person when she smiles and laughs. Sophie is a smart girl, is often very curious and eager to learn new things. She has a very comforting vibe, like cuddling a small animal. But do to her timid shy nature, she soon feel into depression after the shock of being able to shift into a titan, and would often cry at night on the roof as to not disturb the others.

After Bertholdt had discovered of her nightly sobbing, Sophie found herself in his warm embarrass, and couldnt help but sob till tiring herself out, and not long after fell in love with him With the event that followed, Sophie was quick to learn how to use her titan powers, throwing away her timid personality and eager to finally fight back, like she had always wished to.

Despite her timid and kind nature, Sophie actually has a bad temper, which can only be rivaled by her elder sisters, and is quick to fight back if her friends are threatened, do to her loyalty to those she cares about. Despite the shock of Bertholdt and Reiner revealing theyre true identities and motives, Sophie is quick to forgive Bertholdt out of her love for him, through her eyes, he can't be a traitor since he was never on they're side. The reality of who he enemies were, and feeling as though her heart had been crushed, Sophie throws away her timid nature doing her best to lock away her heart to fight back. Though Sophie still full heartedly believes that Bertholdt is truly a kind person, and understands he only wants to return home. Even if it means they can't be together in this time she is willing to fight him, and prays they can be reborn in a more peaceful time where they can be together at last.


Sophie and her sister lived a peaceful life before the fall of wall Maria, with they're loving parents. Due to they're family roots, both sisters were taught a song passed down from theyre Celtic ancestors, and the knowledge of the sea located outside the walls, upon turning 8 yrs old, Sophie was given a sea shell, one of the few things her family was able to hold onto through the 100yrs behind the walls. Both sister's treasured they're shells and often listening to the sound of the sea coming from them.

Due to her mismatched eyes, Sophie was often picked on by the other children, only to be saved by her elder sister each teasing soon began to escalate, causing her to loose her self confidence, and lowering her self esteem.

Years later, on the day of the fall of Maria, Sophie had been off collecting flowers when the panic had started, scared and confused, she was desperate to get home, only to get swallowed up but the crowd of panicked people. She was however soon found by her elder sister, Rose, and the two attempted to make they're way back to they're parents, only to be stopped by the appearance of the armored titan, stunned by it's strength, both sisters were frozen in place only to be pulled to safety by they're father.

Even though her family had made it to safety, after getting separated in the crowd, Sophie was snatched away by someone who than injected her with the titan serum, unkowingly to them, she was transformed into a much smaller titan then her current one, and soon devoured the person, allowing her to change back into a human to be later found by her parents with no memory of the person whom she ate.

After losing both of her parents during the reclaim of the wall, Sophie and Rose made a promise to each other, that at least one of them would survive the war, and do what they're parents couldn't. Not long after did both sisters undergo training, but do to her own awareness of her frail body, Sophie swore to herself if she couldn't make it into the top ten, than she wasn't fit for combat. With her training, and skill with the gear as well as a sharp mind, Sophie managed to just barely place 10th in her class, but upon choosing where she would go, she lost her nerve, and to avoid guilt based her success on dumb luck. In the end she chose to be in the Military Police, while her sister went off to be a scout.

During her time in the military police, Sophie soon realized how lazy and dirty the military police really were, this was something she learned to put up with, causing her to become slightly depressed. It wasn't long before she met Annie, but was confused when she was met with a shocked look, as though Annie had seen a ghost.

As time passed, Sophie was often visited by her elder sister, but on the day she was called in for work, Rose met up with her telling her to get somewhere safe, because something seriously bad would happen, and sure enough, to her horror The Female Titan and the Rouge Titan appeared and fought within the city. During the battle many buildings were destroyed, and while both sisters attempted to get out of the titans path of chaos, both sisters were badly wounded under a pile of rubble, both slowly bleeding out from they're wounds. It was than that Sophie had one clear thought in mind "I want to live... I dont want to die here... I Have To Live!" with her bleeding wound, and clear thought, Sophie transformed, but her titan body had not been fully formed, in fact it only manifested enough to heal her wounds, her sister's had done the same, and soon the two were taken into custody, they're wounds slowly finishing to heal.

During the argument to under who's watch she would be given to, Sophie pleaded to be transferred as a Scout, claiming she knew full and well that the Military Police would only kill her out of fear, and humanity would lose another asset to they're war against the titans, and to her relief she was transferred to the Scouts under Captain Levi's watch.

But the relief didn't last long, because Sophie soon went into a deeper state of depression which she hid from the other's during the day. At night she would cry till she was exhausted enough to sleep the rest of the night, in fact it was the only was she could sleep. During the day, every now and again she would lightly cut her wrist only enough to draw a little blood before it healed, as a way of relieving her stress. It wasn't until one night that she had someone to cry to, on a clear night while Sophie was crying to herself on the roof, Bertholdt who was taking a midnight stroll, over heard her crying and went to investigate. Upon finding her, his first thought was to turn and leave, not wanting to get attached to anymore people, but her sobs had become so loud and heart shattering, he soon found himself taking her into his arms.

Bertholdt pleaded for her to stop crying, because it was too much for him to handle to see her cry, upon hearing this, Sophie couldn't help but sob into his chest, clinging to him for dear life, she found his embrace to be comforting and safe. Sophie soon fell in love with the gentle giant, becoming bashful and shy around him.

As the events continued to unfold, Sophie was taken back by Bertholdt's true identity, but during the mission to rescue Eren, while on the Armored Titan, she confessed that she did not hate Bertholdt nor did she see him as evil, in fact she openly forgave him, and confessing her deep love of him for his kindess towards her, as well as wishing she could have been held by him one more time. Upon hearing him cry, Sophie nearly cries herself, and for a moment is tempted to turn her back on her comrades for the one she loves.

But in the end she forces herself to choose humanity over him.

This only worsened her depression, to the point she is nearly dead inside, the only way to fulfill her goal, is to not have a heart at all. She becomes a cold and aggressive person, tricking herself into thinking it was less painful this way.

But deep down, she still loves Bertholdt dearly, and dreams of a more peaceful time where she and Bertholdt can be together without all the pain of this one.


Sophie is quick on her feet, and has good reflexes. She has been known to be good with weapons, this is proven when she was able to defend herself with a razor blade she always keep on hand. While she hasn't much strength, she is good with self defense like using her opponents own size against them, as well as knocking them off they're feet.

Titan Shifting

Sophie is able to transform into an 8 meter tall titan referred to as the Corpse Titan. Its a relatively small titan compared to the other titan shifters. Do to her small size, Sophie is extremely fast and agile in her titan form, though can just barely compete with Ymir. During her first transformation, it was only her titans upper half that had manifested, with no skin just the muscle tissue. Sophie's titan is quick to move and react, with strong legs for speed, and powerful jaws able to bite through another titans limbs easily. Due to the fact her titan form already mimics a rotting titan, her form is quick to dissolve, as well as reappear.

Method of transformation:

Sophie uses a razor blade to slash her wrist, possibly because she would secretly cut herself to relieve stress.


Like all titan shifters, Sophie can regenerate in both human and titan form. Though this ability seems to speed up while in titan form. As a human she can regenerate cuts and deep stabs pretty quickly, which is shown after she is attacked by Kenny Acherman's men. Though losing a limb takes more energy as a human, is she were to transform, her regeneration of a limb would speed up, which become apparent after her leg is bitten off by a titan during the mission to rescue Eren.


Rose- Sophie is extremely close to her older sister Rose, and always worries about becoming a burden to her, which leads her to keep the fact she cuts herself a secret, one that is soon relieved after Historia is crowned Queen. Being sisters, Rose often teases Sophie for his small size, and how clumsy she can be, even going so far to tease her about her crush on Bertholt. Rose is someone Sophie greatly admires and trusts, and is her pillar of strength during harsh times. Rose is the one to hold her back when she attempts to help Bertholdt, and comforts her as she cries, trying as hard as she can not to cry with her.

Bertholdt- Upon meeting him, Sophie is quick to find his large size intimating, but also finds a gentleness in his eyes, and soon becomes fond of his quiet nature. This fondness turns to a deep attraction after he holds her for the first time while she cries. After his secret identity is revealed, Sophie still holds a deep love for Bertholdt, and fearing it may be the last time they speak, Sophie confesses her love for Bertholdt, and forgives him. When it is decided who will be given the titan serum, Sophie displays no sign of remorse or affection towards him, but is quick to revert to her old self upon hearing the one she loves plea for help when he is picked up by Armins feral titan. She attempts to help him, willing to take his place, but she is stopped by her older sister, and watches him die.

Christa/Historia- After joining the Survey Corps. Sophie becomes quick friends with Christa, finding her presence to be comforting, a comfort lost after Historia's true nature is revealed.

Armin- Armin is another person Sophie is quick to become fond of, and the two would often chat. Sophie finds Armins company to be very enjoyable and relaxing.

Reiner- Reiner is quick to welcome the sisters, and though at first he frightens her, Sophie is quick to see him as an older brother, especially when it becomes clear that Rose is attracted to him. After the big reveal, Sophie soon has a flashback about the first appearance of the Armored titan 5 years ago, and is baffled as to why she and her sister did not realize the similarities sooner.

Marco- Though Marco and Sophie have never actually met, Sophie learns of him when Armin tells her about him, and how he and a few other almost mistook her for his relative due to the similar facial features, as well as her kind and gentle personality which is another trait the two seem to share. After learning about him, Sophie soon admires Marco, and strives to be just like him, even believing that he would have given up the Military Police to join the scouts to fight along side his friends. Sophie than promises Marco that she would do everything she could to protect his friend sin his place.

Eren- After first learning about him, Sophie was quick to defend him after hearing other MP's ridicule Eren for his abilities, shouting that he could be the key to finally ending the war. After meeting him, Sophie is greatly impressed by his will to fight, though is slightly frightened by his obsession with killing all titans, even though she herself understands it.

Annie- During her time in the Military Police, Sophie would often bump into Annie, though during they're first encounter, Annie expresses great shock in Sophie's appearance, after that it is shown that Annie would try and avoid her. Sophie only understands this after learning of Marco, and at first assumes it is because she doesnt want a constant reminder of a dead friend, but later on learns that Annie didnt want a constant reminder of the friend she had fed to a titan.


Oh god.... never again will I do a profile like this... uuuuhg... ripped my own heart out so many times....


Title: How could I ever hate her?
Pairing: Canons x Oc (kinda)
Chapter: N/A
Category: Attack on Titan
Au: N/A
Word Count: 1,172
Rating: K
Summary: A short story about Sophie's feelings for Annie, the girl who made life as an MP, a little more bearable.

It was a boring life, living as an MP, but it was safe.

Every now and again, I would bump into one of my cousins who managed to make it into the MPs like I did. We'd talk about nothing special, then part ways, and my day would be as boring as ever. Running from place to place as a delivery girl wouldn't sound boring, and I liked to run, but now the fun was gone, the excitement, it all became boring. My commander was usually drunk by the time late afternoon rolled around, sometimes he'd be passed out at his desk, or complain about how hard his life was in his drunken state. The selfish pig.

I had known from the beginning, that the MPs and nobles were all selfish people. I hated them all, all of them.

But I could never hate her.

Day in, day out, I could rarely smile, at least not a real one. I'd smile and be polite, I'd be a good girl, like mother had always told me, and the day would go on. Some days, when I knew I'd have a few days off, I'd plan to visit my sister at Scouts Regiment HQ when it lined up when they'd still be within the walls. When I was with my sister, I could smile for real. I love my sister dearly, to the point, I felt like I'd die without her in my life. But when I returned home, I felt nothing but what felt like endless regret for not joining the Scouts. I wanted to have the happiness my sister had, spending time with her brothers and sisters in arms.

Instead, I was stuck with the pigs and trash within the inner walls. It was safe, but boring.

I was there when the Colossal Titan reappeared, and I was there when everyone panicked. It was the first time in awhile I had felt so excited. But at the same time, so helpless.

I watched as my sister and her squad shot off into the air, my heart swelled with envy, it had been while since I used my ODMGear. It was that moment, the feeling of self loathing and grief filled my thoughts and heart. I hated myself for choosing the Military Police, and I envied my strong willed sister. Serving under the king is a noble cause, my foot. The Scouts were the real hero's of this war, while I chose the coware like a lost fawn from the jaws of the beast, when the scouts flew towards them.

I watched from the side lines like I always had, as the events unfolded, I bared witness to Eren, Armin, and Mikasa being pushed into a corner, but I did nothing to intervene. I watched from on top of the wall as Eren's titan lifted the huge bolder, and closed off the hole in the wall, and as people fought to take a step forward in this war.

When it came to Eren's trial, I overheard some of my "comrades" mocking Eren as they gossiped like hens. That was the first time I ever shouted at them. They didn't know anything.

Not to long after, did she show up with the rest of the new recruits.

Things were a bit different when Annie came. When I first saw her, it was when she was the only one from her class to line up with those who could enter the Military Police. The second time I saw her was when I ran up to her to give her the paperwork she had forgotten. When she looked at me, she looked like she had seen a ghost.

After that, she tried to avoid me. And as cruel as it sounds, I made a game out of trying to find her. I wanted to see her, talk to her, know her. I envied her.

She had such flawless fair skin, such shiny blonde hair, her nose was cute too, and her eyes, pale blue, like clear water, different from my one blue eye. We were similar in height and build, but she was still so different than me, I envied that too. But I admired her too.

She didn't let what people say both her, well, she didn't let it show on her face. But those blue eye'd of her, carried so much sorrow and grief deep within them. A part of me wanted so badly for her to confide in me about her sorrows. I wanted to take the pain she hide away from those eyes of hers. I wanted to see a smile on her pretty face. I wanted to be Annie's friend, so badly, it hurt.

I love my sister, I love my cousins, I love my family, but...

I wanted a friend, I wanted Annie to be that friend.

She was specially, she was so strong, so talented and fierce.

I thought, if I had a friend, if Annie, was my friend, life as an MP wouldn't be so bad.

Maybe it was selfish of me to want that.

To constantly try and find her, even though she had that deep regret in her eyes when she looked at me. I kept reminding her of something she didn't want to remember.

Once or twice, I found her napping against the wall, in the warm sun. Her face was so peaceful, and she looked so cute, I just watched from a short time, smiling at her.

I wanted her to have that peaceful look all the time.

Annie was kinder than she let on, people thought she was cold, but I could see how afraid she was to get close to someone, like rabbit.

What little peace I found with her shattered when her titan, and Eren's fought that day.

When I had woken up, the shock of what I was told almost broke my heart and mind. My sister was there to comfort me, I was grateful for that. My cousins all wrote to me, saying they still loved me dearly. But still, Annie left a hole in my heart.

I didn't hate her.

I could never hate her.

I was broken over what she had done, who wouldn't be.

But still, what little time I got to spend with Annie, made life as an MP a little more exciting and bearable. Seeing her face, hearing her voice, the loneliness disappeared, the regret, and self hatred, they all vanished.

I'm not to fond of the powers I discovered I had, after her fight with Eren nearly killed me and my sister. But now I'm under the watch of Captain Levi, I'm with my sister, and I have friends now too.

How could I ever hate her for that?

How could I ever hate her?
So I kinda ship Annie and Sophie, and I think Imma just write short stories about the sisters when it comes to the mainverse.

Title: Passed down
Pairing: None
Chapter: N/A
Category: Attack on Titan/ Short story
Au: Ocs
Word Count: 522
Rating: K
When the titans appeared, our home land was lost to us, but not our heritage

When we were little, our grandfather would tell us stories passed down from our ancestor about the world outside the walls. Our clan was once a group of strong warriors, and brilliant explorers, two clans became one when the titans appeared 100 years ago, the Norsemen and the Celtics, who at one time, were at odds with one another. Me and my sister were bewitched by the stories that had survived with our family. The great battles, the lands explored, from huge forests, to islands of ice and snow with rainbows that shimmered in the night, and the endless seas they once used to travel.

These were things we yearned to see for ourselves.

With our family, passed down through the many a years, hick journals of their travels, symbols that would someday be apart of my skin and small shells that fit in my hand. It was said that once the walls were built, books were burned, ones that spoke of the outside world were deemed dangerous, in fear that it would encourage people to leave the walls before the titans were gone, it became illegal to speak of the outside world. However, our family was too stubborn to let such treasures be taken. Jars of sea shells, celtic symbols tattooed into their skin, and journals written in the norse language, all hidden and kept safe by our family.

On a childs 5th birthday, they're ears were to be pieced, two on left side, one on the right. On a childs tenth birthday, the were given a seashell to wear. On their 18th birthday, they are tattooed with the celtic symbols. From birth they are told the stories of their ancestors and taught to read and write in the norse language alongside the language taught within the walls. And finally, when they marry, be it man, or wife, the name Evergreen is to be passed on to each generation.

Those are the laws that our ancestors set 100 years ago to keep our heritage alive, until the day were to come that we could walk free of the walls, and return to the lands of our people, and sail the seas once more.

The Evergreen family still strives, while there aren't many of us left compared to how many managed to hide within the walls, many of our cousins whom are spread throughout the walls, and even into the underground city. We keep in touch as much as we can, as I said, we're stubborn and refuse to let our family bonds weaken.

Our bloodline is also strong, many of my cousins are larger than I am, some are tiny, like my sister, we all have the piercings, tattooes, and seashells, and we all have our freckles too. And we all share the hope that one day we can return to our home land, some of us may play it safe, but others do what we can to make that day come sooner, that much me and my sister know for sure.

I wonder though, can the power of a titan also be something we can pass down...?

Passed down
Short story about Rose and Sophie's family heritage.

From what I can see, a lot of groups of people, who normally during the bc areas would have associated with one another (Like Germans and Asians) Celrics and Norsemen (Vikings) were at odds during that time frame, but they do share some caulture, so with the titans they would have been forced to get along to keep they're bloodlines alive.
Your no Monster by LilMonsterGurl
Your no Monster
But like Sophie, Rose never saw Bertholdt or Reiner as traitors or monsters.

Monsters don't cry, and Traitors don't regret. In no way was that lost child evil in her eyes.
Why didn't I fear you? by LilMonsterGurl
Why didn't I fear you?
It was a strange feeling...
It had reappeared after 5 years...
The biggest titan anyone had ever seen

A titan that could peak over the wall...
But why?
When everyone else was stunned or afraid

Why didn't I fear you..?

Before reappearance of the colossal titan, Sophie had been sent as one of the representatives for the Military Police for the graduation of the southern district's cadets. During that time when the great titan appeared, a strange feeling came over her, but oddly enough, it wasn't fear, even though she knew what the titan was there to do.



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LilMonsterGurl Featured By Owner Sep 17, 2016  Student Traditional Artist
zhugebeifong Featured By Owner Aug 27, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
There is a group RP for the Twin Skulls going on. I recommend you join in.
Nikkoleon Featured By Owner Jul 21, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thanks a bunch for the watch! 0v0
LilMonsterGurl Featured By Owner Jul 21, 2016  Student Traditional Artist
Your welcome! :3
Miiship Featured By Owner Jun 29, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
Hello again! >V<
I would like to know if you would be interested to participate to my friend Metaknighta's contest

Because I'm sure you can win, no doubt! XD
LilMonsterGurl Featured By Owner Jun 29, 2016  Student Traditional Artist
I hope so, either way just entering is fun
Miiship Featured By Owner Jun 30, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
Thank you very much! X)
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